Roof Repairs

We cover most any roof leak repair under a flat rate fee that includes shingle repair, flashing and pipe boot repairs as well as sealing any exposed nails. As an additional upgrade we offer a full roof tune-up service.

Roof Tune-Up

A Roof Tune-Up can help to save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and high insurance deductibles. Having routine maintenance performed each year is essential to maximize the life-span of your roof. During the summer, your roof takes a beating from heat and UV rays, which break down the composition of roofing components that repel water. It is during these hot summer months that most damage occurs to underlayment, roof tars and penetration seals. When the rain and cold weather come, it can lead to costly leaks, mold and other expensive home repairs. Receive a credit for the total amount of your Roof Tune-Up towards the cost of a complete roof replacement if/when it becomes necessary. Make Lifetime Roofing and Exteriors your roofing contractor Dallas that maintains your roof!

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