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Lifetime Home Renovations - Interior and Exterior

Professional Exterior Services

Siding Repairs

  • We remove old/ damaged siding and install new cement or vinyl sidings.

Trim Repairs

  • We remove damaged soffits and replace with matching no rot pvc material.

Gutters & Downspouts

  • Remove old/ damaged gutters and downspouts and check fascia for repairs

  • We install new 5-6 inch Seamless Aluminum Gutters in color of your choice.

Gutter Covers

  • Free gutter cleaning with cover installation. (10 Yr Mfg Product Warranty)

Windows & Doors

  • We replace Windows, Doors and all Exterior Moulding with No Rot pvc materials.


  • We provide crawl space insulation, duct insulation and water vapor barriers

"The First Step to a Lifetime of Protection"

Professional Interior Services


  • We offer assistance with whole house painting, as well as giving your kitchen and baths a much needed face lift. This would include new cabinets, counter tops, flooring, tubs, walk in showers and fixtures of your choice. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you through this process.

Drywall Repairs

  • Surface repair of walls and ceilings flat or textured


  • We check the surface, prime if required and paint walls, ceilings, interior trim

Windows & Doors

  • We will address doors and windows in need of repair to assure that they are functional as well as change out hardware on all types of doors. We also offer installation of weather stripping and thresholds at exterior doorways.

Air Duct & Attic Insulation

  • We offer an energy assessment inspection to determine whether the amount of insulation in your home meets the minimum requirement for North Carolina. If required, we can offer a blow over of attic insulation, air duct insulation and seal up areas keeping your home from maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Attic Door Seal

  • We offer a state of the art attic door seal that has a built in thermal barrier. This barrier keeps the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

new roof

Roofing & Renovations

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