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Hand Nailing Vs. Pneumatic Nail Gun Nailing

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Roofing manufacturers have given their stamp of approval that hand nailing as well as the use of pneumatic nailers for installation of asphalt shingles are both valid methods. It is not a reflection of your roofer’s work ethics or their quality when they choose to use one over the other.

Lifetime Roofing and Exteriors offers both hand nailed and pneumatic nailed installation. It could be argued that both ways are correct. The simple answer is – it depends on the crew holding the hammer or and how they use them. The shingle quality can also make a difference.

Tools without experience are not a good thing. Using fast nail guns not calibrated correctly can be dangerous and does not always insure a good roof installation. We have seen evidence of this while we are inspecting aged roofs for wind damage. Both hand nails and pneumatic nail gun not placed correctly will cause roof failures. As a roofer tires and gets more fatigued, his hammering can become increasingly erratic. Nails become bent or not completely driven into the wood which results in an improperly secured roof as well as the use of less nails.

Our Crew at Lifetime Roofing and Exteriors are trained well and know how to use a pneumatic nail gun properly as well as hand nailing.

We are aware that there are a few “old School” roofers that sell “hand nailing is the best” and will pitch don’t go with anything else. That is honestly their opinion and that is ok, but it’s not the only way if done correctly.

What matters most during roofing installations is the experience of the roofer. An amateur roofer is more likely to place their nails incorrectly using either hand method or pneumatic nail gun.

On the other hand, a roofer that’s succeeded in producing years of quality results that last is the type of professional you want on the job. Lifetime Roofing and Exteriors has well trained employees and are skilled craftsman using nail guns as well as hand nailing.

When choosing a roofing company make sure they are local and check their reviews and see if they are a BBB accredited Company with a good rating.

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